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What You Should Look For in A Towing Service

When your car breaks down while you are on the road, you can count on Al's Anywhere Towing to come to your rescue. We are a trusted professional towing company that’s based in Ellensburg, WA, and we’ll make sure that your car is towed safely to an auto repair shop for the needed repairs. There are a lot of towing companies in the area, however, only a few offer quality and reliable towing service.

Safe and Speedy Towing

We have been in the towing industry since 1997, and we offer only the safest and most reliable auto towing service for our customers. We have a reputation of arriving at your location in a short amount of time and we also make sure that your car is properly mounted on our tow truck. The last thing that we want is for your vehicle to sustain visible damage such as dents and scratches. When it comes to reliable emergency towing services, you can count on us to be there on time, if not earlier and tow your vehicle out of harm’s way and to its intended destination.

High-Quality Tow Trucks

The last thing that we want is to send you a tow truck that’s dirty and broken and looks like it needs to be towed itself! We have a well-maintained tow truck fleet that’s ready for your emergency towing service needs. Our trucks are subject to weekly maintenance checks to ensure that everything is working properly. From proper oil changes to checking the towing mechanisms for issues, our expert mechanic team always inspects each truck to ensure that we send a high-quality heavy hauling truck that will tow your vehicle without any hassle.

We also offer professional towing assistance services for lock outs and flat tires. If you are looking for a reliable vehicle towing contractor in Ellensburg, WA, you can count on Al's Anywhere Towing to ensure that your vehicle is transported safely and quickly. Call us now at (509) 289-4183.


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