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The Towing Assistance Service That Delivers Excellent Results Even When The Problem is with Jump Starting Your Vehicle!

No matter how fancy or expensive your vehicle is, there will come a time when it will need a towing assistance service. It may be a problem you least expected, for example, jump starting. Jump starting is one of the most common experiences when out on the open road. But if you’re in Ellensburg, WA, you won’t have to worry much since Al's Anywhere Towing is here for you!

Being a reliable towing assistance service in Ellensburg, WA, I have provided numerous services to my clients. I may provide towing as my primary service but that doesn’t mean I am unable to help with a vehicle that isn’t starting. I commit myself to help jump start your vehicle, no matter the reason it has for acting up.

Dead batteries are one of the main reasons why a vehicle won’t start. Although not really dead, weak batteries might hinder you from starting. With my help, I can bring the right equipment like a jump-starting kit to take care of the problem. But that doesn’t stop there! I make sure to find the main cause of the problem and fix it so you won’t experience a dead battery anytime soon.

Another reason for your vehicle to act up is because of spark plugs. Spark plugs are your vehicle’s secondary ignition that causes no-start problems. Although this is a rare case, it is important for drivers to know that spark plugs need a replacement every 100,00 miles to avoid having a car that won’t start. When you find out that this is the problem of your vehicle, tell me and I’ll bring a spare right away!

When the problem can’t be fixed with simple procedures, don’t worry! Al's Anywhere Towing can tow your vehicle to a shop so you will have fewer concerns.

Apart from my roadside assistance service, I can also provide other useful services. I can help with a lock out, bumper or goose-neck pulling, and so much more! Contact me at (509) 289-4183 and I would be happy to provide my services for you.


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